When Is A Child Too Big For A Toddler Bed?


We believe in producing quality beds and furniture designed to last an entire childhood.

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We have a variety of beds especially made for all kinds of kids. We have beds for kids that are built with sturdy frames and headboards that can withstand ample rough-housing and bed-jumping. We carry headboards in all sorts of shapes and motifs, from truck-shaped to heart-shaped to beds with canopies for the princess-themed room. You can filter your search by price, so you can browse the most budget-friendly kids' beds first.

Some mattresses are marketed as green, eco-friendly, or plant-based with descriptions such as Eco Foam, Bio Foam, or Soy Foam. Beware of these since the manufacturers replace only a very small percentage of the polyurethane foam with plant-based ingredients. For instance, soy foam is usually polyurethane foam with 10-20% soybean oil (GMO) mixed in.

Although multiples tend to remain crib sleepers longer than singletons, you'll also have to consider the possibility of moving your multiples into beds It can be a harrowing time for some families. When the restrictions of a crib are removed, toddlers have access to their room, and many a toddler team has destroyed their room's contents while they were supposedly sleeping.

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