Top Singapore stamp company


Company Stamp Singapore comes amongst the top maker and supplier of the rubber stamps in Singapore. The company also sell traditional rubber stamps and custom rubber stamps.

Company Stamp Singapore is, however, also producing for self inking stamp Singapore, the company is making use of US Gel System Production Technology. This High Technology Production System is able to provide with fine quality impress, the ink dries nearly instantly with waterproof ink on glossy paper.

The stamp mount is made of environmental friendly material. The stamp mount is free from PVC (Polyvinylchloride) plastic.

Company Stamp Singapore is the provider of top quality refillable self inking rubber stamp, teacher rubber stamp, pre inking rubber stamp, company rubber stamp and many other types of stamps. At Company Stamp Singapore, quality stamps are provided which are available in various sizes, designs, themes and colors like Dater Stamp, Mouse Stamp, Pocket Stamp and Office Stamp.

The date stamps include adjustable numbering bands for setting year, month and date. The company rubber stamps make use of waterproof ink and Red Rubber for leaving up to more than 1500 impressions. Most significantly, not only this but the cheap price will make them the best available option. The stamps are also provided customary according to the needs of individual clients.

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