Tips to keep your air compressor in good health


Maintaining the compressor in good condition helps to keep the compressed air system flowing smoothly and efficiently. If the compressor is overworked, it will ultimately wear out and stop functioning properly. The following are some of the easy troubleshooting tips that will help to keep the compressor in good condition.

Ensure that the coil is cleanedIt is important to check that the coil of an air conditioner's compressor is properly cleaned. If dirt is present on the coil, then it might create a higher pressure due to which heat is generated which ultimately results in warm saturated suction temperatures. In this situation, the compressor fails to work efficiently resulting in much higher running costs 

Maintain the chargeA steady flow of power either electrical or from the compressors own engine is extremely important. It is imperative to ensure that there is proper flow of electrical current into the compressor as a failure of this leads to premature wear.

Avoid oil contamination – Preventing oil pollution in the compressor is necessary. An oil leakage can get trapped into the inlet valves and may fail to work properly. If you want the optimum performance of the compressor, then it is essential to check for oil leakages regularly.

Periodic maintenance – Regular checks and cleaning is the crucial component that will keep the compressor in top condition. It is imperative to hire the services of professional technicians for regular checks and maintenance. With the help of frequent checkups, professionals can quickly identify any major repairs that compressor is heading towards well in advance. Routine maintenance plays an essential role in preserving the life of the compressor and reducing its overall running costs.

Most of the reasons for compressor failure can easily be prevented with adequate care and maintenance. So, it is essential to conduct frequent checkups, embrace preventative maintenance measures and replace worn out parts as soon as possible. A proper periodic maintenance ensures the long life of the compressor

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