The start of a wonder working mineral powder


Although this powder made appearances in the 1990s, it started off as samples of what companies claimed as a product that contained minerals and did not contain any preservatives or harmful chemicals that could damage the skin like most of the other makeup products. It claimed to hide blemishes and also keep the skin young while preventing further wrinkles.


 Over the years however as it kept evolving, further discoveries were made and companies kept trying to find better ways to improve the powder to make it even more natural and it became very popular over the years. Women from all over the world flocked to this miracle powder. And why wouldn’t they? A natural product is what every person who uses makeup looks forward to.

A natural product that works well

That is what everyone wants right? Especially since we have all become very worried of what goes on our skin and even what we eat.  It’s not a difficult task to come across the best mineral foundation in Australia. Especially one that can make your skin soft and smooth without making your skin feel packed and clogged with harmful powders.

It is the one that can stay on long while being water resistant, so that you can wear it, whenever you require. It can be worn without makeup for a natural and simple look or it can be worn before your makeover to keep your skin looking blemish free and soft. Natural look or not, this is a powder that many swear by.

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