The evolution of the name cards


Business cards carry the information of an individual or of a specific company. They share the formal information for the convenience of memory aid, and to remember the visiting information of the company. You must have seen several types of business cards.

The basic information of any name card includes the name of the maker, business affiliation, and company name. The card usually carries logo and contact information along with office address, phone numbers, fax number and addresses for email and website.

Long before the electronic communication like it is nowadays business cards included the telex information. Now with the new age of technology the businesses include their social media addresses like Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. Commonly the company cards were simple old black texts, which were printed on a plain white card, but now the business cards include the graphic designs to make them more appealing.

With the available technology, the business cards are getting revolutionized with time as different companies can set up their card according to their business theme. As not only the designing of cards has changed but also the material used in printing cards has changed. Some printing services are providing with hard plastic and transparent cards to enhance the looks and leave an expression on cards.

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