The evolution of graffiti as art



From being a delinquent street activity, to becoming the sought-after ‘art’ form, graffiti has indeed come a long way. Something that was looked down on, was taken, turned around an presented in such an amazing way, that now every person wants to get involved with it. No, we are not talking about defaming the street walls, but rather introducing the art of graffiti in homes for a new look and feel.

People nowadays not only go for graffiti wall murals, but are eagerly using this art form for furniture decoration, pictures and much more. With the entrance of spray-paint, graffiti has taken on a colourful style, and with the introduction of new techniques, artists can now produce various styles and patterns.

Graffiti today

Today, graffiti takes two forms:

  1. To convey a message. Whether you are an art lover who wishes to convey the same by applying the art in your home and office, or whether it is the government-approved and sponsored messages written on public walls, graffiti can convey message in a way like none other. It’s bold and beautiful. And effective, always.
  2. Fix run-down structures. Yes, graffiti is now much used to aesthetically fix a run-down structure. A little splash of the graffiti colours, and a once sad-looking, cracked structure becomes a must see art building. This is a perfect way to promote art and to save some money.

This evolution of the graffiti art has given rise to many graffiti artists in Melbourne, who are eager to take up a work that not only gives them a chance to work on their passion, but also help them earn their living.

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