Jiekai hardware locks-what should we pay attention to when choosing a cam lock?

Jiekai hardware locks-what should we pay attention to when choosing a cam lock?
Cam locks, also known as tongue locks and cam locks, are a common industrial lock that provides security for valuable items. The main principle of the cam lock is that when the key is inserted into the lock core, the lock core drives the tongue to rotate 90 to 180 degrees under the rotation of the key to realize unlocking and locking.
Cam lock is very popular and has a wide range of application scenarios not only the cam lock is sturdy and safe but also it is used easily. When we are choosing cam locks, what issues should we pay attention to? For a cam lock, we can mainly consider the following aspects when choosing:
1. Safety: the reliability of the cam lock, which largely determines the safety level of the cam lock. The safety of the cam lock is mainly determined by the structure, such as the arrangement of the blades, the way of action of the spring, etc.
2. Firmness: refers to the degree of resistance to compression and damage to external forces of the cam lock, and the firmness mainly depends on the material used in the cam lock
3. Effective length: mainly refers to the effective length of the cam plate, which determines the matching degree of the cam lock and the device.
4. Durability: refers to the service life of the lock, which mainly depends on the material and surface treatment process.
5. Mutual opening rate: refers to the phenomenon that another lock can be opened with its own key. The level of mutual opening rate also affects the safety level of the cam lock.

Guangzhou Jiekai Hardware Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with more than 10 years of professional lock research and development, production and sales. The cam lock has a complete range of high quality, and can be tailored to meet your actual needs to meet your different security protection needs. According to the structure of the cam lock, Jiekai hardware lock cam lock mainly has the following types:
Blade cam lock: a lock that uses blades to control the rotation of the inner lock core. The advantage is that the unlocking is relatively smooth. With the increasing demand for safety, JieKai Hardware independently developed and designed the JK501 and JK518 key blade cam locks with high security level and excellent anti-theft performance, which have been popularly welcomed by the market.
Tubular cam lock: The opening of the lock is controlled mainly by the internal structure, and the safety performance is much better. Tubular cam locks include JK312 series, JK311 series, JK500 series and JK520 series. Each series contains a variety of specifications. The length of the cam plate can be customized and the anti-drilling steel ball also can be customized according to the needs of customers, which can effectively prevent the lock from being damaged.
Pin mechanism cam lock: its lock core structure is pin structure. The Jiekai marble cam lock is equipped with a high security bullet system, which has strong safety performance, smooth unlocking feel, convenient installation, and double-sided and three-sided marbles to increase the safety factor. Such as JK531 series.
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