Important features of business cards


Giving a name card to your potential customers is the first thing that businesses do. It helps your business build the first impression that people make about your business. So it is crucial to make your business card sound from every aspect.  

Simply a name card carries business information of an individual or a company. This card is a formal introduction of the business, containing name, business’s logo and contact information like telephone number, fax number, website, email and address. There are some businesses however who include social media information like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc.

A good name card must portray the complete image of business. A standard name card is of 90×54 mm size, it is not easy to present your company in a professional way in front of others.

If you are interested in name card promotion. The below stated tips will help you in designing a marvelous business card that is eye catching and gives a professional look.

  1. The wording, color, and texture used for your name/business card have to express your company image.
  2. The logo of your company must be the primary focus of your name card. Try to make it as outstanding and prominent as possible.
  3. Remember not to include too much information on your name card and keep it as simple as possible.

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