How to Win a Car Accident Case


Every case of automobile negligence brings with it a full set of problems caused by insurance companies, doctors, and employers. Sometimes the best doctors are unknown to our clients and our experience allows us to suggest the right ones. An experienced automobile accident lawyer must know your rights to no-fault lost wages, and, if self-employed, lost earnings. To learn more about us click here. Receiving wages paid by no-fault will not help our client recover medically, but the security of knowing that their family will remain financially secure allows our client to focus on getting better. We fight to obtain the future cost of medical care and necessary equipment. Our attorneys and staff are ready, willing and very prepared to help our clients through this rocky time.

Insurance companies have a habit of not paying attention to claims until a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney is involved. They may also try a common insurance practice of contacting a person injured in an automobile accident and try to intimidate them to settle for much less money than the person would receive if represented by our firm. We make these companies sit up and pay attention. We know how to make them settle cases fairly and, if not, we will be ready to take them on in court. We have done this long enough now that the insurance companies know our track record and how hard we will fight to make sure that our clients get what they deserve. 

It's experience and hard work that counts and we can be counted on, after all we are “THE RIGHT LAWYERS” for injured people and their families. 


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