How To Control Termite Infestations?


If you reside in an area better known for termite infestation, it is obvious that you would be interested to know how to control the termite problem. In this article I have explained few most important facts and information that can help you control termite infestations.

Safe and the best method to get rid of termites is to keep them away from infesting your home in the first place.

1) Remember that termites need moisture to survive. So make sure that there is no water source that is continually leaking such as a leaky pipe, hose or faucet. Keep all wood and logs away from your house and away from the ground surface.

termites treatment2) Always use treated wood on or around your house anywhere where it may be touching the ground.

3) Liquid pesticides are a good source to wash out termite completely. This treatment can be used by spraying the chemical around the perimeter of your house. The chemicals used remain in the ground for a longer duration, discouraging termites from digging or tunneling around your house. You can even hire termite and pest control Atlanta services to get the job done smoothly.

4)This method is not as promising as it used to be because it is possible for the chemical to leak into any plants you are growing as well as the water system to your house. You can use termidor, since it is cheap and can be spread around your house easily but it can be quite toxic.