How To Apply Bronzer?


Bronzer is a great way of contouring without overdoing and achieving that angled look. When done right it can make your face look naturally slim and adds color to the complexion. So here is how you should apply the bronzer in a few steps:


  • First off start with the natural routine. Add moisturizer or primer for a base, put on foundation, BB cream or your normal base; even a tinted moisturizer will do. And then top it all off by using concealer on all areas that require it. Stick the whole look in by powdering it with translucent powder.
  • Now take your bronzer. Use a brush, preferably with softer and shorter bristles to control spreading it unnecessarily. Look for a vegan cosmetic brand if you are the ethical sort.
  • Use a sweeping motion. Draw an imaginary three starting from the upper forehead or the hairline to the underneath of the cheeks and underneath jaw. This will help achieve a slimmer and more defined look.
  • Use the same brush to blend everything. Make sure that everything blends right in, especially underneath the jawline. A harsh line underneath jaw will look like you have dirt smudged there.

Bronzer is a great piece of makeup and equipment for photography. Used correctly and it highlights the best features of the face while taking away any fat that one might think is near the cheeks and jaw.

Another great way of using one piece of contouring makeup is to use three different concealers. The idea behind both bronzer and concealer contouring is the same. Try one out and if it doesn’t work then go for the other.

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