Healthy to stay healthy on Vacation


   What is the best way to eat healthy on vacations?  Patients ask me that all the time.  They all lose weight but then they go on vacation and eat all kinds of food to gain some weight back.  Lets all be honest we know that foods at restaurants are filled with empty calories and thier job is make money and satisfy their customers.  So is it possible to eat healthy when you go out or go on a vacation?  Our program is considered the best weight loss program because we are able to prepare our patients for all situations in life.

  When you go on a vacation you need to prepare small snacks before you go any where.  Keep those snacks in the car and ready whenever you get hungry so you don't feel the desire to eat the junk food.  Drink much water as possible so you don't get hungry as fast.  If your stomach is full of water your desire to eat junk food will decrease more.  When you go out to eat at restaurants, just ask them how want your food.  You will be surprised as they will go out of their way to accomidate for your wants because their goal is to provide good service.  Try not to eat fried foods from restaurant and ask them to grill your food or meats if possible. 

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