Does law influence a businesss decision-making


Every company that is operational today is making its documents and acts legal on the basis of states law. Yes, that is right every single operation of a company is legalized according to the laws of the state not only this but a company only has the right to make laws for the inside of its own company.

For this according to the law every company must have its seal and finding a company seal Singapore is not much of a problem you can easily contact the local seal maker or you can always go online to order your company seal with delivery to your doorstep.

As making a seal is a requirement for every company to carry out day to day operations outside the company according to state law then it is necessary for every single company to develop such seals. Making a document legal is important and failure to do so results in a huge penalty for a company and it could be ceased for not working according to law.

Businesses that fail to follow the law are taken on for a trial and it costs much more for them to pay the penalty instead of staying on track like the law demanded.

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