Causes Of Alopecia


Different types of alopecia are found in human body in different ages for different reasons

The embarrassing moment of alopecia can’t be described in word.  Alopecia can be observed in human body for various causes. Somebody carries it from their ancestor. Somebody can be suffered for the lack of foods including nutrients. Mental stress can be another vital cause of hair loss or hair decrement. Some fashionable young people use various chemical gel or stylist cream to increase the fascinating look of their hair. The consecutive use of hair gel and cream can be harmful for the hair of human. An explanation is given below on the basic reasons of hair decrement or hair loss.

Genetic problem: It is a common seen in the world. There are some diseases which are seen in the human body and people find this type of diseases from their ancestors. Alopecia is one of them. People can be suffered by Alopecia for their genetic problem. In this case, the affected people have nothing to do. They can only keep their hair as far as possible. Sometimes, it is seen that the disease is curable, if they maintain or follow the instructions of the treatment. They can use different alopecia creams after the consultation with a doctor or hair specialist.

Back brush or style changing: Most of the actor and actress are to change their hair styles for the character of the movies. They have nothing to do. Besides, they can apply expensive treatment on their scalp. But the local people can’t bear the expensive surgery or treatment. It is seen that 1.7% people in the world are affected by the alopecia problem. All of them are not actor and actress. Changing hair style and applying back brush is the most common reason of hair loss. Besides, to provide different styles in the hair different types of electrical machines are used and these types of machines are very harmful for the growth of hair. Even it can cause baldness problem.

Mental stress on pregnant woman: Pregnant woman is to pass different situations at the time of pregnancy or at the time of giving birth. At the time of pregnancy, they feel different mental stresses and pressures in their heads. The pregnant woman normally loses their hair only for taking huge mental stresses. Besides, plenty of bloods are left from their body at the time of giving birth. But alopecia for pregnant women is temporary. A good diet only can be helpful to return the hair.

Lack of protein: We take plenty of foods every day but we are not aware about the essential nutrients of our body. So, we need to take enough foods with lot of nutrients including protein. The lack of protein can damage the root of the hair. Protein is highly needed for the growth of hair. Not only in the scalp but also other parts of the body can be affected by alopecia for the lack of proteins. The kids also can be harmed for the lack of protein. Besides, the hair becomes weak and loses the shiny mode of hair. To retain the healthy and shiny hair people need to make a list of daily foods with lot of proteins.