Anki Overdrive Provides Full


When I was a kid, I used to set up my dad's old slot car track in the basement and race those delicate plastic cars with him for hours.  It brilliantly bridges the physical and digital worlds, giving you something real to focus on—the cars—while taking advantage of the iPhone's powerful processors and touchscreen interface to provide an experience that feels way more like a video game than an old-fashioned slot-car racing set.

Both the computer version and mobile clients make it easy to import from an apkg file simply by clicking or tapping on it. Anki Web does not have the ability to import apkg files however, so the recipients of your deck will need to have the computer version or Anki on their mobile device.<img src="" width="254" />

Anki still has something else going for it in the shape of artificial intelligence, making its cars more responsive than typical remote control vehicles, but it is clear that the company would have to take things up a notch or two to stay ahead of the curve.

With no friends about to play with, I raced against the AI in a series of training battles, which explained how to adjust speed, fire weapons and add accessories to the vehicles via the mobile app—items and upgrades the cars themselves keep track of.

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