A Beginner’s Guide to three Types of Wine


There are numerous types of wines generally distinguished by the variety of grape or the area where the grape is grown-up.

Knowing which wine comes from which grape variety and nation let first knowing the features and quality of the wine from a certain region and grape variety can be a daunting task. You can follow Michael Asimos to know more about types of wine online.

Therefore, it is easier to break down wines into five basic categories:

Red: red wines come from grape varieties in which the color ranges from red to purple. The grapes are agitated with their skin intact, which provides the dark color of the wine. Reds age better than other types of wine because of tannin present in the skin of grapes. Tannin also gives a flavor dimension as well as giving structure and texture to the wine.

White: the grape varieties used for white wines generally have a light color, but darker grape varieties may also be used. Unlike red wines, grape skins are peeled off before the fermentation process resultant in the pale color. The removal of the skins also results in less tannin than found in red wines.

Rose: these use red grapes for fermentation; however, different in red wines, the grape skins are peeled off shortly after the start of the fermentation. The result is that a rose has a pinkish color, and only a limited amount of the tannin. It also has lower alcohol content than the red wine.